Improve Your Golf Swing and Cure Your Slice

A golf slice is easily the most common swing fault in golf, all golfers, and especially weekend and beginner golfers, will, at some time, have to deal with it. Most commonly, it happens on the tee with a driver, but almost any golf club (except the putter) can produce a golf slice. The best way to deal with this swing fault is to improve your golf swing to cure your slice.

In truth, there are several different ways to produce a slice, but essentially there are just two basic faults that need to be addressed in order to cure your slice. The first is when the golf club gets into the wrong swing plane during the downswing and the second is when the clubface is not square to the direction of the swing plane at impact. Sounds reasonably simple, but the problem is that there are several ways of producing these two golf swing faults.

Most golfers with a golf slice problem can spend years trying to fix it and some never manage to cure their slice. Understanding the causes makes curing your golf slice a whole lot easier and in the process will improve your golf swing and raise your skill level.

The Target Line

The target line is an important concept in golf and, if used correctly, can be very helpful. The target line in golf is an imaginary line drawn through the golf ball all the way to the target, on the tee this becomes a very long line. When you are addressing the golf ball, the target line relies on your peripheral vision to be able to concentrate on it and line up your stance and shot effectively. The way round this is to pick out a spot that is on the target line but much closer to you, this can be anything, from a leaf to a dark spot on the grass, anything at all, it does not matter as long as you pick out something.

Now that you have your spot picked out, at address, you will be able to be more aware of it while you are looking at the golf ball. Because you can now visualize the target line easier, you can use it in various ways.

The Wrong Swing Plane

When "out-to-in" and "in-to-out" swing planes are discussed, it is easy to get a bit lost so I'll try my best to explain this as it is a really crucial concept in the game of golf to get right. During the downswing, if the club head crosses over the target line before impact, it will produce an out-to-in swing path, if the club head does not cross the line until after impact with the ball then an in-to-out swing path is being used. The club head never fully crosses the "target line" in the normal golf swing.

An out-to-in swing plane cause the clubhead to come across the ball at impact instead of hitting it square, this produces sidespin which causes the golf slice. You should avoid an out-to-in swing path.

If your swing plane is too upright, and everything else is correct, then the club will follow an out-to-in swing plane on the downswing. This is an easy one to correct, it is usually a fault that occurs only with the driver and happens because the shaft of the driver is longer than the other woods. You need to stand a little further from the ball and make the swing more around yourself, it follows a shallower path than the other woods.

Another fault that causes an out-to-in swing path is trying to hit the ball too hard. You will have a tendency to slide your hips forward and your hands will get ahead of your body during the downswing and the club head will be forced into an out-to-in swing path and a golf slice will be the result.

Clubface Not Square At Impact

If the clubface is not square to the target line at impact, then the golf ball will have sidespin and it will not fly in a straight line. If you want a straight shot, ensure that the clubface is square at impact. If the clubface is open at impact, then the sidespin will give you a sliced shot or a fade at best. If the clubface is closed at impact, then you will get a draw or a hook.

To sum up, improve your golf swing and cure your slice by concentrating on getting your swing plane correct and making sure that the club face is square at impact. Of course, you could just take holiday at a golf resort and sort out all your golfing problems there, just look at all the games of golf you can have, and have a lot of fun with your golfing buddies or family while you do it.

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