How To Improve Golf Swing Technique

How To Improve Your Golf Swing

How to improve your golf swing technique is a common enough desire among golfers, and that's because there are few golfers who don't have problems with their golf swing. Even the top players, the tour pros like Tiger Woods and Ernie Ells have times when their swing is not working very well for them. So, it should come as no surprise when you are having difficulty with your golf swing and improving your golf swing technique has become a priority.

The big difference between you and the tour pros is that your golf swing faults are likely to be fairly basic faults in your overall swing technique, whereas, the pros will be having problems because of some optimization that is not just right or that has gone wrong. Their basics, though, will be just fine. They are using such a finely tuned swing, and they also rely on being far more accurate, so that it takes very little wrong to make a significant difference to their game. However, they know how to readjust their overall game so that they will still be able to put in reasonable scores.

Golf Swing Technique Problems

Some of the problems you'll likely be encountering that will stop you from improving your golf swing will be things like inconsistency, lack of power, golf slice or hook, topping the ball, etc. These are all fundamental and are all terms that we use to describe our golf swing faults, but they are really nothing more than symptoms, the faults that cause them will be found in your golf swing technique. Things like a lack of balance, or getting the swing plane wrong, or maybe even just getting your grip wrong could be the real reason behind these swing fault symptoms. For instance, a golf slice can be caused by a variety of things in your golf swing that can be wrong, the slice is merely the outcome of bad swing technique, it's not the cause.

How To Improve Your Golf Swing

How to improve your golf swing comes down to eliminating these faults from your golf swing technique. Once all the faults are gone, you will be left with a good and consistent golf swing and the game of golf will become a lot more enjoyable again.

Easily said, I hear you say, but the truth is still the truth, even if it does turn out to be difficult to achieve. The fundamental basic golf swing should not produce any of these faults. It will certainly not be optimized for delivering 300+ yard drives, but they will be straight, consistent and you will know the distance that each golf club will hit the golf ball.

Most beginner golfers fail to learn, or even understand, what the basics are in the golf swing. The common and modern way of learning seems to be from watching their favorite tour pro on the tv, or on short video clips and try to copy the swing that they see there. It does not work as a method of learning to improve their golf swing technique, especially the basic golf swing, for a variety of reasons.

The biggest reason being that the tour pros are using highly optimized versions of the basic golf swing. They have improved the basic golf swing to such a degree that it requires them to constantly practice and tweak it in order for their swing to continue to work at an optimal level. In other words, they have outgrown the basic golf swing by a long way. Trying to learn their swing when you are just starting off is a bit like learning to drive a car by jumping into a formula 1 racing car.

Basic Golf Swing Advice To Improve Your Golf Swing

Whenever you are having trouble with your swing, wouldn't it be nice if you could go back to basics and know that you could still produce a reasonable shot that, if nothing else, was at least straight? No slice or hook, or topped shot in sight.

Well, that's the advantage you get when you learn the basic golf swing thoroughly. This is where you can always return to in times of swing trouble and know that you will still be able to produce reasonable results without fear of messing up your shot. It also gives you a firm foundation that you can use to improve your golf swing technique.

The basic golf swing is like the basics in anything, it's the bits you need to know in order to do anything else. Like learning to do addition before learning multiplication or trigonometry. It's just something you can't afford to shortcut. There will always come the point, sooner or later, where you will have to give in and go back and learn the basics.

Golf Beginners Tips that Improve Your Golf Swing

We all have swing problems that we introduce into the game ourselves. We do that because we try different things to improve our golf swing. They won't all work, but sometimes they do and sometimes they subtly alter our swing, and swing thoughts, and we end up with a fault that we find hard to get rid of. At other times, it might just be something as simple as tiredness.

Whatever the reason, this is when knowing the basic golf swing comes into it's own. We know instantly how to continue our game of golf and return a reasonable score. This is just so fundamental that it's difficult at times to understand why so many golfers avoid learning, and understanding, the basic golf swing.

Improve on Beginner Golf Swing Faults

This is where golf swing technique comes in. How can you improve if you don't have the basics to improve on? The Basics have to be learned in any sport, and golf is no different. If you want to improve and keep improving, then you need a solid base to start off with. In order to get rid of your golf swing faults that are giving you all your problems and frustrations, then getting the basics right is imperative.

Cure Your Golf Slice or Hook

These are common faults among golfers of all ages and skills, indeed, the golf slice is the most common fault that golfers have. So, how do you get rid of one? I know that this is beginning to sound like a series of echoes, and you'd be right. Learn the basic golf swing. It can't be repeated often enough.

It really is the cure, and a simple one at that, to just about every golf swing fault there is, and only once you learn it can you hope to have any kind of improvement in your overall golf experience.

Basic Golf Swing Advice

Some basic golf swing advice is essential, especially for beginner golfers, if they don't get the golf swing basics right they will struggle for a long time, maybe even for years. Just have look at the pros, at least the top pros, they all have help from a lot of different sources, eg. swing coaches, mental coaches, golf coarse analysts, and of course not forgetting their caddies who do a lot more than just carry their golf equipment for them. Golf is such a huge part of their lives, there are few of us that can devote that amount of time to golf, to say nothing of all that help, we have lives to live, work to do, golf is just a small part of it.

Most of us, however, have to rely on nothing more than ourselves and maybe a few lessons from the local golf pro now and again, so getting to know your own golf swing and adapting what you have is imperative and a good golf professional will help you achieve this whenever you do get a golf lesson. There is little point in learning someone else's golf swing, It's your own golf swing that matters, everyone is different and everyone has their own swing that suits their own particular physique and abilities. Get to know your own swing and incorporate the basics into that.

Your local pro is not with you when you are on the golf course playing golf, so his advice on correcting your golf swing faults are not available when you most need it. This is why you have to be able to analyze your own golf swing and get to know each and every part of it, especially if you are trying to correct a golf slice or hook.

As far as your golf swing goes, it's the basics that you likely struggle to get right, if you don't know the fundamentals then you have nothing to rely on when things go wrong, those fundamental methods that you know works every time and gives you a straight shot, no heroics, no great distance, but something that you know will produce a certain outcome.

In order to get those golf basics right, you have to be aware of what is happening in your golf swing, the path it is taking, and whether the golf club face is square at impact. Getting your stance right is less important, an open or closed stance should not matter if the swing plane, trajectory and club face is right, it is still possible to produce an accurate and straight shot, the only part of your stance you need to get right is what they call the athletic stance, straight back, chin up, bend from the hips. Apart from these, it's your own personal golf swing that you have to work with.

When most golfers are preparing for a shot, they take a couple of practice swings and concentrate on... what?

Usually, a lot of things like, are they lined up right, is the club head just skimming the grass at the right spot, is their left arm straight..., and a whole collection of other things. What they should be concentrating on is their golf swing, they should be aware of what the golf club is doing during it's complete journey from being at rest all the way through the backswing until it returns to the impact zone. Not just the trajectory of the golf club, but also what is happening to the golf club face. Doing this has a tendency to slow your golf swing down, this is a good thing when you are struggling with swing faults, and is a must if you want to improve your golf swing. So slow down your swing and allow the club to do all the work instead of trying to over-swing and hit the ball hard. You may even find that the ball will go further by doing this.

Once you stand up to the ball, get your balance right and take a look at the green, trust in your own natural ability that you will be lined up correctly, you really don't have to worry about that, your brain is well capable of doing this automatically. If you lack confidence in being lined up correctly then simply make sure that your shoulders are parallel to your target line. It's your shoulders that are important, much more so than your feet or hips.

Just as an aside, have you considered taking a vacation at a golf resort? A golfing vacation can be a great way of perfecting your golf swing technique because most golf resorts include lessons from a pro and they tend to be more intensive than a lesson with your local pro would be. Maybe something to think about?

Anyway, next time you're on the golf course or at the driving range, trust your mind to control the things it can and concentrate instead on what your golf swing is doing, once you get proficient at that, the basics will become obvious and, more to the point, you will understand them and be able to return to them whenever you need to, and remember that with golf, some basic advice and the fundamentals of the game of golf is what is really important, especially if you are struggling with how to improve your golf swing technique.

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